VR Challenge UK

Enter our 360° film competition and make a positive impact on the lives of people living with dementia through the power of virtual reality and storytelling

Consider this competition a call to action!

By entering, you're joining a movement that seeks to make the lives of people living with dementia better.

Through virtual reality films they’ll experience new environments, relive memories and engage with the world in new ways, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and improve their overall well-being.

Take your audience on an immersive and unforgettable journey that will stimulate their senses and ignite their imagination.

So, don't hesitate, take up the challenge and make a real difference in the lives of those living with dementia through your storytelling.

Inspiration examples

  • St Edmundsbury Cathedral
    St Edmundsbury Cathedral
  • Sudbury
  • River Stour at Nayland
    River Stour at Nayland
  • Westleton Heath
    Westleton Heath
  • Haywain

How it works


Outline your idea for your 360° video using a storyboard (download template), and submit via the website for review. Prove to us that people living with dementia will love your film, and it meets the creative brief.
Stand out from the crowd.

Deadline: June 30th 2023


The best entries, according to our expert panel, from each tier and category will make the shortlist. They’ll be given access to Insta360 cameras, kit and filming advice if needed.
Time to get filming!

Deadline: August 31st 2023


All shortlisted entrants will be invited to an awards ceremony in Suffolk. One winner per entrant tier will receive a grand prize - an Insta360 X3 Get-Set kit, a Meta Quest 2 kit, or an 1-year Reverie subscription.

Ceremony: mid-October 2023

3 prizes to choose from!

Insta360 X3 Get-Set kit

You’ve tried it out when creating your film, if you’re a winner you’ll get to keep it! The kit will include 1x Insta360 X3, 1x 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick, and 1x Lens Cap.


Meta Quest 2 kit

If you’ve already got a 360 camera then you can opt for what many say is the best virtual reality headset on the market. The kit will include 1x Meta Quest 2 (256 GB) and 1x carrying case.


1-year Reverie subscription

If you are feeling generous or work for a care setting, then why not donate your prize and give away a one year subscription to Reverie, the software platform for viewing 360 video content! Not only will your chosen facility receive a subscription, but also a VR headset to use it on.

Entry categories



Quintessentially and recognisably Suffolk landscapes and places which best represent the diversity and beauty of the county



Magical and fantastical CGI landscapes to relax, stimulate and excite. This could be CGI of a tropical beach, a North Pole adventure or walking on the moon



Content to evoke and reminisce. This could be historical re-enactments of 20th Century Suffolk and national events, activities filmed in 360 or optimisation of archive footage from yesteryear.



This can be relaxing and enrichening content of national and Suffolk based outdoor environments, covering woodland, meadows, parks, rivers, lakes and sea



Content relating to everyday, common activities (walking the dog, getting the train or bus, a drink in the pub, going to church ); hobbies (gardening or fishing) and sport (football, cricket, swimming, lawn bowls) to the creative arts (theatre, concerts)



Content specifically designed for neurotypical formal and informal carers to promote relaxation, alleviate stress and provide opportunities to experience new places and environments.

Entry tiers

Who is eligible to enter and what are the
5 tiers of entrant for this amazing opportunity?

Further education

Any person in further education, pursuing educational opportunities beyond secondary school

Higher education

Any person pursuing a degree or advanced academic studies


Any person who creates videos as a hobby without professional training and doesn't do it for a living


A videographer who creates videos (of any type) for a living and/or has completed training or education in the field

Person Affected
by Dementia

Any person living with dementia, or who cares (in any capacity) for a person or people living with dementia

Support the VR Challenge UK

If you would like to support the competition, without entering a film,
there are numerous ways you can get involved.


Spread news of the competition to your friends and followers on social media. Head to our Twitter and Facebook pages and share the competition content. Or download our poster and place in your local supermarket or office noticeboard.

Download poster


If you have connections with any care settings, for example, know someone who works in a care home or day centre with people with dementia, why not tell them about the competition, and encourage them to get involved.



Do you have access to places, locations, activities which would make great films for people with dementia? A beautiful view from your home? An unusual hobby? A cute pet? Etc. Let us know and we'll find a filmmaker who can bring it to life.



What is a 360° video?

What is a 360 video: A 360 video is a type of video that is filmed using a special camera with multiple lenses, capturing footage in all directions simultaneously, allowing the viewer to pan and tilt the camera angle during playback, creating an immersive experience that makes the viewer feel like they are present in the scene.

What are the requirements for submitting a pitch?

You must qualify under one of the entrant tiers, and your pitch should cover one of the content categories. To enter for another category you must submit another pitch.
The entry form will ask you to explain your pitch and how it will be suitable for people living with dementia. We encourage all entrants to share visuals of their vision e.g. a storyboard, moodboard, videos. You can download a storyboard template here

Where will the films live?

On a bespoke VR platform, specifically designed and built for people living with dementia and their carers. This platform is called Reverie, and will be launching later in 2023.

How many entrants will make the shortlist?

5 per tier

How do I enter?

You will be required to pitch your idea. It will then be reviewed by our expert panel and a shortlist will be created.

How do I know if I've been shortlisted?

You will receive communication to the details you provided upon submission of your entry

I don't have a 360 camera or editing knowledge

Don't worry anyone who is shortlisted will be given the chance to borrow the necessary equipment. Also access to resources to give you pointers on editing and production will be available.

Do all shortlisted entrants get a prize?

No, only winners will get one of the prizes detailed above.

Who is running the competition?

This is a joint initiative run by SCC and Spark Emerging Technologies Limited

I've a question - how do I contact someone?

Please submit an email to info@vrchallengeuk.co.uk